[Archive] Nouvelle version SPIS

Message by saouri:

Bonjour a tous,
C’est Fatima-Zahra du CETP de St Maur.
Si j’ai bien compris la seule version (révisée : Spis2.99.02.tgz) de SPIS,
disponible sur le Web, est une version Linux ? !
Pour qd la version Win ?
Merci de répondre et a bientôt.

It is Fatima-Zahra of ST MAUR’S CETP. If I understood well the only version (revised: Spis2.99.02.tgz) of SPIS, available on Web, is a Linux version?! when the Win version?
Please answer and see you soon.

Message by julien:

Good evening Fatima, good evening everybody,
No, the current version of spis, 2.99.02, is not only for Linux. Spis it-self is fully multi-platform, UNIX/Windows/MacOSX. The current version of spis works also under Windows.
You should just set correctly and use the spis_task_gui.bat script in spite of the unix version, spis_task_gui.sh in the spis2.99.02/SpisUI directory.

The only other elements to be adjusted are:

  • the config.py file, in the spis2.99.02/SpisUI/Bin/ directory.
  • to install the right external tools (gmsh, an editor) and library (VTK) for your plateform.

With respect to the version presented at Kiruna (2.97.KRN) during the SPINE meeting in March 2004, the version 2.99.02 presents the following improvments:

  • Solution of the bug discovered in groups managment in the version 2.97.KRN. Now, it is fully possible to define all groups on all types of geometry. This includes also the module of 3D visualisation of groups in SPIS.
  • According to request of many participants, an improved GUI, with a better position of buttons and windows.
  • Improved post-processing modules, with a faster conversion sub-routine for the 3D visualisation features and the possibility to display data mapped on surfaces (local=2)
  • The introduction of y=f(x) plots (2D plots button) for time dependent data (S/C potential versus time)
  • An improved version of the numerical core, with a better secondary emission
  • Improved saving possibilities (properties and groups)
  • Various optimisation and improvements

This version should be considered as version of reference with respect to the versions previously presented.
We hope that this version will answer to the main needs and issues outlined by the community during the SPINE workshop.
Please enjoy our new common space-toy