[Archive] new to spis

Message by Gethyn Lewis:
I am returning to spis after some years. I now have a mac and want to install and use the spis software. Previously I used a windows machine and had spis3_6 installed and to get it going I simply clicked on run.bat
I have downloaded spis3_7RC09 and unzipped it but I don’t know how to start the software. It feels like I haven’t installed something.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Message by Fang Yang:
No need for intall
You can find ‘runSpisWindows.bat’ in path:SpisUI

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Indeed, you don’t need to “Install” the software. Unzippping it is enough.
In the SpisUI directory, there are several scripts, including runSpisOSX.sh, which is the one you want to launch for MacOSX (with the Terminal application)

Message by Gethyn Lewis:
Thanks for that.
It is now getting stuck on the JfreeMesh part. I have downloaded it and have it in the same directory as Spis3_7RC09.
But the error is still there, it says it is impossible to load a load of vtk elements.
One again, thank you for your help.