[Archive] multi-zone modelling

Message by Enrico Sain:
I’m trying to model a spacecraft with high voltage exposed electrodes on the solar arrays. The spacecraft orbits around the Earth in a high density ionospheric environment (n=1e11 /m^3 Te=0.2 eV Ti=0.1 eV).
I was thinking about using a hybrid multi-zone volume distribution for electrons and a PIC Volume distribution for ions with a nonlinear Poisson solver.
In your opinion, what is the best way of modelling this kind of problem?
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Message by Enrico Sain:
I’m trying to model my problem as described in the previous post.
During the simulation I get the following exception:
Exception in thread Thread-2:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/enrico/SPIS_4_0_00_RC1_Linux/ThirdPart/Jython/jython2.2/Lib/threading.py”, line 414, in _Thread__bootstrap
File “/home/enrico/SPIS_4_0_00_RC1_Linux/SpisUI/Bin/Tasks/TaskJyTop.py”, line 173, in run
sharedSolver! ‘SpisNumCaller’ !.Run()
File “/home/enrico/SPIS_4_0_00_RC1_Linux/SpisUI/Bin/SpisNumCaller.py”, line 182, in Run
sharedSolver! ‘jytop’ !.Run()
File “/home/enrico/SPIS_4_0_00_RC1_Linux/SpisUI/Bin/JyTop4.py”, line 411, in Run
spis.Util.Exception.SpisRuntimeException: spis.Util.Exception.SpisRuntimeException: crossTetraVaryingE: initial point not in right tetrahedron!
What does it mean? Please, I would really appreciate any kind of help!