[Archive] More input populations for CEX modeling

Message by Amenosis Lopez:
Hello everyone, I open a discussion to know if someone can help me here.Current Version of Spis allow to compute Charge Exchange Reaction by the MMC method implemented int the CEXInteractor class -is constructed from UI (local and global Parameters).
Regarding the global Parameters, you should define mainly 2 volume interactors: the first one is an incoming Distribution Function of Ions (PIC) and the second one a neutral Background density.
One application for this, allow you to model Electric thruster plumes, as the documentation states, by defining the Ions Population from an artificial source (you can find in global-#Sources -for example “source 1”), and the neutral Population as a reduced fraction of the first populaton of before(“fractionofFirstPopSource”).
Those Parameters in Addition to any others well properly set (as “flux”, “plume Distribution”, “temperature” in global-VolumeInteractions) should allow you to model a plume thruster in your computational volume.
However, I am looking Forward to model several other thrusters (i.e. 4) in the same satellite model, and the number sources for ions and neutral Populations I mentioned is restrincted (can see it in global-VolumeInteractions). That makes me wonder how can I define more Input populations from #source2, #source3, source #4
In resume, I Need to define new global Parameters extending the following ones which are provided(
inPop1VolInteract1, inPop1VolInteract2,
inPop2VolInteract1, inPop2VolInteract2, )
To add:inPop3VolInteract1, inPop3VolInteract1,
inPop4VolInteract2, inPop4VolInteract2, but I don´t know if, in case of adding them in the Global Parameter editor, will be builded automatically when doing the conversion from UI to NUm.
Any comment will be kindly appreciated,

Message by Pierre Sarrailh:
Dear Amenosis,

There is no limitations on the Sources number and also on Volume Interactors number.

If you add the correct Global Parameters, it should work.

For each source, you can create an interactor. For each source interactor number X, you have to define the global parameters for the input populations:

  • inPop1VolInteractX > the ion population coming from the source
  • inPop2VolInteractX > the neutral population that can be a fraction of the ion population
As an example, for the volume interactor number 4, the input population global parameters you have to add are inPop1VolInteract4 and inPop2VolInteract4.


Message by Amenosis Lopez:
Dear Professor,
thank you for your answer. So in fact I guess I only Need to add a new global Parameter in the Editor this Parameter will be automatically in the class directly when doing the conversion from UI to NUM. I will try that a bit later.
By now, I am facing how to add a new particle source for a Maxwellian Thruster, in fact what I want to add is Galium. Honestly I am getting used to some advanced Tools by now, even I will like to start implementing additional Features soon. I can understand that each particle source is builded in Part.java class (under construction), as a function of the Parameters defined as the string Name, particle mass, Charge and atomic number. However I think there is no way for a front user to add a new particle type, all Settings Need to be defined from source code, I am right, is there another way to do it?

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Amenosis,
There is no possibility to define a new particle in the UI so far, as you guessed. This lack has been identified and is corrected in a future version of SPIS (SPIS-DUST) to be released soon (scheduled this fall).