[Archive] Mesh refinement

Message by Nuno Loureiro:
Hello everyone,
I have a question related to the creation of geometries in SPIS. I am trying to refine the mesh in some points of inside simulation volume, where I need greater accuracy but I don’t know exactly what I can do.
I have tried to include small spheres near these points, without defining their surfaces (since I don’t want it to be considered as a group) but I keep finding errors when launching the simulation.
What do you usually do to refine the mesh in a point inside your volume?

Message by Nuno Loureiro:
One other question: Is there a forum for the GMSH software?

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Dear Nuno, first hello and I will try to help you with my little experience, let me know if you don’t understand anything.
As you has posted, when you need to perform a greater accuracy closer one surface the best thing is to do this making an sphere around this point but GMSH needs to identify it. To debug it lauch GMSH alone and load the file alone, and go to mesh and then 2D dimensions. At this point you will see the mesh in two dimensions. Please do this and let me know if it is possible. If it is possible try to do the 3D mesh because I think that the problem in your case is the volume definition.
Little important things to be taked into account in GMSH
-Go to options, mesh and click “Optimize quality of tetrahedra” and “Optimize 2D”, somthing like that