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Message by Mike

Hi folks,
I made up a simplified satellite model and tried to mesh it with a variety of different mesh densities (for the points making up the model). Gmsh does fine in meshing it, but upon import of the mesh file in spis, I got repeadetly (sev. hundred times according to the log file) the error message “Edge already in EdgeList”. I checked the documentation, but it was non-exhaustive on this particular area of SPIS-UI
Can anybody tell me what is going wrong with my model? It has all the stuff defined except the physical surfaces/volume (should not be important at this point as far as I know)
Any help appreciated
best regards
Michael Klicker

Message by julien:

Hi Mike,
this is normal. Actually the direct export of gmsh may produce double mesh or double points is some specific cases. This may be problematic for the solver or many post-processing modules. The import module detect them and remove them in order to have a “clean” mesh.

Message by mike:

well I checked that, and the interface builder (line 1115, something about the SNVolList array) always crashes with an “index out of range” error, the numer roughly corresponding to the mesh element number. I did not check this, but my guess is, that some indices not get updated, if edges are removed.
To give you the data: 23242 elements were in the mesh before importing it, and the index error appears at index 23645.
Can you have a look ? Thank you very much!
Michael Klicker

Message by julien:

Can you send me the complet logs, please ?