[Archive] Materials Handling in V5.1.6

Message by Christian Imhof:
I have s question regarding the updated materials handling in the new version 5.1.6 of SPIS. The default settings regarding the materials now refer to the folder where all the materials are included as seperate “.xml files”.Is there the possibility to switch back to the “old” way where all materials have been defined along with their NASCAP properties in one single materials file which could be easily integrated into new versions? This would be very much appreciated since I have included quite a lot of new materials which were needed for the simulations here. Including all of these materials into the “new” format would be quite annoying.
Thank you and kind regards

Message by ruard:
Hi Christian,
It is possible to load NASCAP materials. In the group editor, on the top of the tab called “Group editor”, there is a button with the popup “Import NASCAP materials”. This button import your NASCAP materials in the list of materials available in the section “S/C material”.
Kind regards,

Message by Christian Imhof:
Hi Banjamin,
thank you for your advice, now I found the button.