[Archive] magnetic field = error

Message by Göran Ödmark:
I’m trying to add a magnetic field to my SPIS calculations, but get errors when trying to run the simulation. What could I be doing wrong? The simulations work fine when putting B = 9.
I would also like to know what NASCAP parameters are the most important for SPIS to make correct calculations, cause some of the parameters are hard to specify.
Log when using B-field:
"Now, everything should be ready for the simulation
GL_DATA_PATH: C:\spistmp1175073479GL_DEFAULT_INPUT_PATH: …


Building of the simulation model
step 2
SPIS/NUM main is starting
Run Nb: 0
Exception in thread Thread-3:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Documents and Settings\rsgood\Skrivbord\spis3_6\ThirdPart\Jython\jython-2.1…\SpisUI\Bin\Tasks\TaskJyTop.py”, line 174, in run
sharedSolver! ‘SpisNumCaller’ !.Run()
File “C:\Documents and Settings\rsgood\Skrivbord\spis3_6\ThirdPart\Jython\jython-2.1…\SpisUI\Bin\SpisNumCaller.py”, line 149, in Run
sharedSolver! ‘jytop’ !.Run()
File “C:\Documents and Settings\rsgood\Skrivbord\spis3_6\ThirdPart\Jython\jython-2.1…\SpisUI\Bin\JyTop4.py”, line 385, in Run
spis.Util.Exception.SpisRuntimeException: spis.Util.Exception.SpisRuntimeException: Units are not convertible: cannot scale from unit m.s-1.T to m.s-1

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Do you really mean B = 9 Tesla?
Concerning NASCAP properties, it depends which physics you want to model…
I’d say the ones of the physics involved…
It may be none if you are more interested in plasma dynamics, and simple plasma collection by your SC rather than secondary emission, etc.