[Archive] Loading Geometry

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Hi, I have a problem with the geometry, SPIS give me error with CatmullRom and BSpline, there are some way to do this curves with another command?
Thanks for your time, Nacho

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Splines are not supported by SPIS (cf. https://forum2.spis.org/t/archive-CatmullRom">http://dev.spis.org/projects/spine/home/community/forumsPages/spis/CatmullRom and <a href="http://dev.spis.org/projects/spine/home/community/forumsPages/spis/Error-of-geometry).
You should better use straight lines, cycles and ruled surfaces.

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Thanks Benoit