[Archive] Linux vs. Windows

Message by Bjarne Andersson:
Dear Who It May Concern,
I have discovered a funny behaviour with SPIS (version 3.1.01), which have lead to a problem for me.
I have been running the very same simulation using Windows XP and Linux, this because I was facing an out of memory problem in Windows. While performing the 3D Mesh, the simulation in Linux gives 4383 nodes and 22851 elements, but in Windows it gives 55334 nodes and 348450 elements! Could you please explain to me why the numbers of nodes and element are more than 10 times as many in Windows, and could you also explain how to reduce them to the same level as in Linux (if possible)? Worth mention is that other "smaller’ simulations works fine in Windows.
As mentioned above, the simulation I am trying to run leads to an out of memory problem in Windows, which makes SPIS crash. I believe that my computer (3.2 GHz, 2GB RAM, 60GB free memory) should be able to handle most type of simulations, and I have increase the memory stack size in the jython.bat file to a present value of –Xmx990m according to the suggestions in the readme.txt file and elsewhere in this forum (I have even tried to increase it even higher but above –Xmx1400m SPIS UI starts to act funny).
I would be very grateful if you help me out with this one.
Best regards,

Message by julien: