[Archive] Leo parameters

Message by Pablo Promenzio:
HI everyone,
I am trying to simulate an LEO orbit. I have some doubts and i want to ask if i am right…
LEO orbit: 619 km, 97.8°
I set up this in the global parameters:

  • I only put the pop1= 1E10 for electrons and ions
pop2=0 for both
  • electron = 0.23 eV ions= 0.14 eV
\*I have the S/C chasis negative, so i put electronDistrib: ionDistrib: PICVolDistrib is this ok or i have to put in the ionDistrib: HybridMZVolDistrib???
  • Ion type= O+ and the IonVx= 7500.
  • Linear Poisson= 0
  • I change the duration and the plasma dt= 50,
i would appreaciate if someone could give a recommnendation to change another parameter, because the simulation doesn´t work good. Thanks a lot... regards Pablo Promenzio