[Archive] Installation of requiredlibraries

Message by passaro:

I am trying to install the SPIS software on a PC, under Windows 2000. I have downloaded and installed JVM and Jython. I have now troubles with the installation of VTK.
I have downloaded the VTK package and the cmake software, required for the compilation. When I first press the “configure” button from the cmake GUI, I get the following message from the Microsoft Developer Studio (I use MDS v6.6): “This project does not contain any configurations whose platforms are supported by this installation of Developer Studio. You will need to create a new supported configuration before you will be able to build, run, or debug your project”. The process then gets stuck, and I can only kill it using task manager. Does anybody have any useful suggestion? Am I doing something wrong? Another question possibly related: do I need a C++ compiler, or would JVM take care of the compilation? (I only have a fortran compiler under MDS). Thanks.

Message by julien:

Dear Alessandro,
Under Windows, you do not need to re-compile VTK. A binary version exists and can be installed very easilly.
However, I have just discoved that a small path is missing in the current version (spis2.99.02) of the launching script for Windows (spis_task_gui.bat). You should add to your path the path of the directory where your vtkCommon is. You can correct the corresponding line in the script as follow:

set PATH=%PATH% %JAVAPATH%\bin %JAVAPATH%\jre\bin %VTKPATH%\bin\vtk.jar %VTKPATH%\lib\vtk %VTKPATH%\bin

(NB: Be careful, this is only one line.)
This bug and its correction were found by Fatima-zahra at CETP, France.
Best regards,