[Archive] I need a manual with details

Message by Joyce:
Hi everyonel, I am starting with SPIS and I need a simple project as an example with a mannual to conduct me to complete this project step by step.
Thanks for all and your time!

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
In SPIS Doc directory, you can find the SPIS tutorial (Doc/DocSpisUI/TechnicalNotes/SPISUI_TN01_UserManual.pdf).
There is a help page containing all the existing documentation as well (Doc/index.html). You might be interested in the document called “SPIS/NUM Controlling NUM from UI”.
There are several working examples in SPIS Data/ValidationTest directory. You can start by opening the project called “test3_sphere_low_resol.spis” in SPIS.

Message by Jesus Sanchez:
I would like to know if there are some basic examples.

Message by Jesus Sanchez:

Just overlooked the last reply,
Thanks for the information

Message by julien:
Several example projects, CAD models and tests projects are provided in the Data subdirectory.
I recommand to start with : $SPIS_ROOT/Data/ValidationTest/test3_sphere_low_resol.spis wich is a simple sphere in a Maxwellian plasma at rest.
The results of this demonstration case are gathered in the following technical note, located in the documentation section:TN2010_10_001-SimpleSphereValidationTest.pdf