[Archive] I have troubles with output files generation

Message by Mehmet Balta:
I am using windows 7 64bit OS, 32Gb Ram, and I increased Java memory to 30Gb from the SpisGeo.bat file. I use Java 64bit version 7 update 55. Spis version is 5.0.1.
I am able to simulate a domain with T5 thruster, solar panel and SC body with around 35000 tetrahedracells and I also simulate only SPT100 thruster in a similar simulation boundary and mesh.
However when I launch and finish these simulations, I do not get VTK output files.
SPT100 with a finer mesh.
SPT100 with solar panel and satellite body
SPT100 with only SC body
only T5 thruster with a finer mesh
Number if tetrahedracells never exceeded 45000-50000.
Please let me know if you have an idea what might cause the problem.
Thank you very much!
Mehmet Y.B.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
When you are on the Data Miner page, you have to select the datafield and click the export to VTK button to have the VTK files saved. Otherwise, output is saved as NetCDF by default.
You should also try to download latest release candidate (version 5.1.0-RC) which fixes a lot of bugs of the 5.0.1
Kind regards,

Message by Mehmet Balta:
Thank you. I did try exporting, but the data are empty. Even on data mining section, I cannot view anything 3D.

Message by Mehmet Balta:
And I also tried my simulations on Linux Debian, and the new version of SPIS. I get the graphs as I expected, however I still have the same problem with 3D output files generation. Do you think the problem could be that the simulation is not converged?