[Archive] How to run a project from SPIS-NUM?

Message by wang ji:
After having run SPISNUM in eclipse, what can I do in turn? (globalParIn.gp and localParIn.gp have been copied)Here is the main console
Choose between:
el: build simulation Example: LEO
eg: build simulation Example: GEO
eg2: build simulation Example: GEO 2 (with photo-emission at the end)
sui: build Simulation from UI-defined parameters
int: INTegrate
intd: INTegrate, defining Duration
vr: get Volume Results
sr: get Sc surface Results
br: get external Boundary Results
tr: get Time Results
i: Import volMesh, global and local parameters
ig: Import volMesh & Global parameters
ir: Import Results
e: Export volMesh
q: Quit

Message by wang ji:

PS: I can’t download SPIS_Course_Part1_V1.pdf, so would Dr. Julien please send me a copy by email?

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
the commands under this console to reproduce a regular modelling are:
and of course the difference is that you can then stop the code under the debugger!