[Archive] How to know number of tetrahedrons

Message by Julien Capgras:
I would like to know the number of tetrahedrons generated by the mesh in order to compare it with computational time.
I have found how to change mesh scale, etc. but not this number. Does anyone know how to have it?
Best Regards,

Message by julien:
Hi Julien,
This is very simple. At the end of the meshing, the total number to cells (i.e tetrahedrons) is given by Gmsh.
If you directly mesh inside SPIS, push up the split bar at the bottom of the main GUI and have a look to the second console (i.e standard log). This console gathers all ouputs from the system (Gmsh is called through a system call) and the Java layer.
Otherwise, you can also call the GeomManager (i.e the icon with the pyramid and other geometrical shapes). Select the main geo file and click on the CAD Tool button. This will call Gmsh with its GUI. Then, you can either open the Gmsh console’s window or the statistics module. This is useful during the CAD modelling for a first evaluation of the mesh size.
Last and thanks to an ESA funding, the Mesh Inspector of JFreeMesh has been integrated into SPIS-UI. It is still undervalidation but it will be included in the next release. This JFreeMesh Inspector gives statistics (i.e total cell number, memory cost…) and allows to pass several quality test on the mesh. This is very usefull to evaluate the whole quality of the mesh regarding the constraints of the numerical models.
Hope this helps,
Julien (the other).For the Artenum’s SPIS team.

Message by Julien Capgras:
Well, I guess I didn’t paid attention to the second console.
However, I didn’t know for the statistics module, thank for the information.
Thank for your help
Julien (the other other)