[Archive] How to compile SpisUI, IDE, debugger...?

Message by marti:

Hello all,
I’m trying to get vtk working under Mac OS X. So far I was able to get graphics, but it appears in the main window instead of the “View 3D” window. For this reason I would like to look into the SpisUI code to see how this “View 3D” window gets created and and what is going wrong on OS X.
So here are my questions:

  • How can I recompile SpisUI (Java)?
  • Do you use an IDE to maintain the SpisUI source, and if what IDE?
  • What debug tools would you recommend (I use gdb to debug the c/c++/objc stuff of vtk, but I don’t know what to use for jython / java)?


Message by julien:

Dear Michael.
Three points:

  • The framework itself is in jython and does not requiere any compilation. It is directly managed by the JVM. If you change of JVM, you must just clean (remove) the “/tmp/jythonArch/” directory and clean the class files produced by jython with the script clean.sh in SpisUI. Some jython instructions are not compiled and interpreted in the same manner by all JVMs.

    The GUI itself of SPIS-UI is in pure Java Swing. We used Netbean as IDE.However, the current version has unfortunatelly manually modified and cannot been reloaded with NetBean. I am working on it.

    The GUI part is in the SpisUI/GUI directory. The script MakeSpisgui compiles it and generate the spisgui.jar file. You just need a JDK.

    Generally speaking, I recommend the following tools for developpement:

    • Graphic IDE for GUI developpement: SUN NetBean
    • General Java developement: Eclipse
    • Jython: What you want. There is a python plugin for eclipse.
    • JDK: SUN 1.5
    • Compilation of VTK: gcc

    Remark: the JVM used during the compilation of VTK and when you use VTK from Java should be the same.

  • Under Mac OS X, the main probleme is the java wrapping of VTK. I have based all java based VTK viewer on the class vtkPanel.java given with VTK. To use it you need to compile VKT in hybrid mode.

  • The 3D viewer is a “independent” java application loaded into the framework. The current version is deprecated and will be replaced in the next release by the Artenum’s new VTK java based viewer. It is much more well designed and fully in Java and developped with Netbean. The Cassandra project will be available on the Web with the next SPIS release (for the spine meeting). Cassandra allows multi visualisation pipelines and preocessing modules (filters) as external plugins.

Message by julien:
Hi Michael,
You can access to the Cassandra project at the following address:
Enjoy, best,