Message by saouri:

Hello everybody !
Can someone tell me please, if we can change the type of population in the GLOBAL PARAMETERS EDITOR ?? !!
Example : H+ to O+ ! !
Thanks a lot,
F-Z Saouri.

Message by Roussel:

Yes of course, dear FZ,
you DOUBLE-click on the field to edit and change it.
Then, for your new value to be taken into account when closing, you have to click on another field of the editor spreadsheet before closing it (i.e. leave the under-edition-area)
This is the simple help of a another user, since the developper of that was Julien.
I hope I correctly understood your question (i.e. it was on how to use the field editor).
If it was indeed more on the values you can use, please don’t hesitate asking again, it will be more on my side
Best regards