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Message by Daniel Bunker:
Hi all,
My name is Daniel Bunker and I am a fourth year aerospace student from the University of Sydney. Currently I am doing a thesis on spacecraft charging for a picosatellite (cubesat) which we are launching in 2007. It is being made by a team at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics and the University of Technology, Sydney.
We are going to be in a near-polar, LEO orbit (about 650 km). I am trying to model the charge on the satellite and after some searching have found the SPIS and PicUp3D codes. I was wondering which is best to use?
Also, I have absolutely NO idea how to start. I am guessing that the satellite needs to be modelling in CAD first and then loaded, so I tried with just a simple block but could not get the document to load properly (does it have to be a specific file type). Also, I really have no idea as to the actual process to follow: I have also found the Paraview tool but am not sure it this is just some sort of a GUI or more?
Another problem that I am having is when running the PicUp program, the exe flashes up and the whole thing just disappears.
Any advice would be really appreciated. More information on our project can be obtained at \http://suspace.acfr.usyd.edu.au
Daniel Bunker

Message by julien:
Dear Daniel,
Two things.
First, there is in the SPIS 3.6 documentations two main documents that may help you :

  • TN 1.0: SPIS-UI User Manual (UM), which is a quick start explaining how to use the SPIS-UI framework along the modelling chain.
  • SPIS/NUM controling NUM from UI, which explains how to set the numercal kernel.
Last, a SPIS training course is provided during the 11th SPINE meeting, 18-20 April 2007, at ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands (see News and Events on the SPINE LibreSource platform). Best, Ju.