[Archive] General comments about the SPIS 4.2 Release Candidates (RC)

Message by julien:
Dear SPIS’users,
Some of your bring back some feedbacks and difficulties to use the last Release Candidates (4.2) of SPIS. We outline that these packages are still (as defined in the name) Release Candidates only and are not fully validated and tested.
They are released for testing purposes by advanced users only and we do not recommend to use them for in-flight simulation and mission supports.
The reference version remains up-to-now the version 4.0.
Thanks to the Community feedbacks, we already observe the following statements, currently under fixing:

  • Problem with VTK 5.4 under Windows
  • Problem with Gmsh 2.0.8 under some 64bits Linux
  • Difficulties to reload "old projects", i.e. done with version of SPIS older than 3.7, due to a lack/change of unit definition in some global parameters (NB: Try to reload the project without the global parameters and re-set them manually).
  • Possible memory overflows with some JVM 1.6 on some BSD base systems (e.g. OSX Leopard and higher)
  • Possible general freezes of the application (especially at the end of the simulation during the extract data phase), due to an overflow of the JVM and/or deadlocks on some OS (e.g. Windows).
NB: Try to increase the JVM\_XMX flag in the launching scripts to reduce this risk and/or reduce the maximum number of thread in SPIS\_ROOT/SpisUI/Bin/config.py file.
  • Some difficulties to run SPIS on small computers (less than 2Gb of RAM).
NB: Try to reduce the JVM\_XMX flag in the launching scripts.
  • For RC1, error in the colour mapping is the VTK conversion of DataField (colour bar inverted). Fixed item.
  • For RC1, possible difficulties to reload some electrical node different than the ground node. Fixed item.
  • In the JFreeMeshInspector, error in the computation of the etha quality factor.
Hope that most of them will be fixed soon. Feedbacks, bug-fixes, comments and contributions are welcome. Please feel free to use the bug tracker. Best, Julien Forest (Artenum's crew).

Message by abul anuar:
Hi, i just want to know why cant we edit the defaultGlobalParameter.py file. I did some editing (update values) and when i run SPIS 4.2, the change simply not there. Is this a bug?

Message by julien:
Dear Abul,
Your question is not related to the current thread. Please open another thread or select the right one in such case.
Anywy to answer. By definition, the file defaultGlobalParameter.py defines the defaults values for SPIS and we do not recommend at all to modify them. It is largely better to set you projet, save it in a project and, for another run, re-use the modfied saved values by reloading your projet.
I am not sure to fully understand your question, but you may have different source of difficulties to modify/save/reload the global parameters.

  1. Through the GUI, when you modify a value in the global parameters interface, be sure to validate (with the enter touch) before to live the edited box and click on “save and quite”. On some OS, I don’t know why , the behavior of Swing can be strange with the JTabePane.
  2. If you edit the defaultGlobalParameter.py file (that I do not recommand), clean up the corresponding defaultGlobalParameter$py.class. On some OS/JVM couple it may not reprocessed if this last file is still present or more recent.
  3. During the project reloading, check that the global parameters are properly reloaded.
    Hope this helps.
    Julien Forest
    For the Artenum’s crew.