[Archive] External Job (System Deamon)

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Hi all, I am tryin to do the simulation with external job but when I try to search the script spis_tasks_gui.sh this doesn´t appear. Someone can explain to me how I can run an external job?
Thanks for your time

Message by julien:
Dear Ignacio,
He he… Very good question actually not well documented in the User Manual. By default the deamon is written at the root directory of the current project.
Sorry to have forget to give the information in the User Manual.
Demanding on the settings, I think also that when you run the simulation using the deamon script, the results are seved in a second project with the run ticket (time in milli-seconds) in order to do not corrupt the initial project.
Hope this helps,
Julien ForestFor the Artenum’s crew.