[Archive] Experience on recompiling the SPIS code

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Hi everyone, After of many proves, I did the compilation of SPIS with my new material properties. If someone are interested on this point we can discuss how to make run the new code.
Best regards!

Message by julien:
Dear Ignacio,
Most of the Java layser (e.g, SPIS-NUM, JFreeMesh, SPIS-GUI) are compiled using the standard Apache Ant tool.
For instance for SPIS-NUM, and after to have installed Ant and the JDK (of course), just go in the SPIS-NUM root directory, where you may find a build.xml file, and type “ant”. That’s all.
Some build file for SPIS-UI have several target. Type “ant help”, first to see the different targets and then select the right one, for instance: ant jar
Julien Forest
For the Artenum’s crew.