[Archive] Errors in executing 4.0 & 4.3

Message by Lee Juyoung:
I can see the error message when I execute SPIS 4.0
Tasks loading… Error in JavaLib: Impossible to load vtkParallelJava
and it is still possible to model and simulate, but I have a problem in post-processing.
About 4.3, The program doesn’t work. Even SPIS UI window doesn’t show up.
I’m using 32b windows xp media center edition version 2002, sp3, korea.
What should I do?

Message by Matias Wartelski:
I was using 4.3.1 for linux 64 bit and I had the same problem: the reason was that the VTK delivered in the ThirdPart was not compatible with my machine. So following Artenum recommendations, I compiled VTK in my machine, now it is compatible and everything works fine. To compile VTK, Artenum has delivered a script. Matias