[Archive] Error in the start SPIS 5.2.4

Message by liu lian:
When I start the Spis.bat, shows Error: Unable to access Jarfile.
I have installed Jre 1.8.0_73, the problem still exist.
How to deal with this proble? thanks

Message by ruard:
Dear Liu Lian,
We need more details to answer to your question.
1°) What is the Operating System you are using to run SPIS 5.2.4?
2°) Did you check the consistency between the SPIS 5.2.4 distribution and your operating system (windows 32 bits or windows 64 bits).
By the way, it is not necessary for you to install any JRE because the JRE is embedded in the SPIS 5.2.4 distribution and the Spis.bat file will use the embedded JRE and not the JRE you installed.
Benjamin Ruard

Message by liu lian:
I use Windows 7 64bit and SPIS-5.2.4-win

Message by Yongzhen Gu:
open Spis.bat and replace the line “NOW=%date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-10,2%%FormatedTime:~-11,2%%FormatedTime:~-8,2%%FormatedTime:~-5,2%%FormatedTime:~-2,2%
" as " NOW=1 or 2 or 3 …”. Good Luck!

Message by liu lian:
Thanks It is working now!