[Archive] Equivalent electric circuit: elementary nodes

Message by Matias Wartelski:
Hi all,
A question concerning the equivalent electric circuit definition.
Consider two mesh elements (elementary nodes) of the same geometrical object (surface or volume) who are geometrically contiguous (they share one edge) but they belong to two different physical groups.
1/ Assume that the two physical groups are coupled to the same electrical-Node (say the spacecraft ground). In this case, do the two elementary nodes have a direct electrical connection (typically through Rsurf)?
2/ Same question but assuming that the two physical groups are coupled to two different electrical-Nodes (spacecraft ground and elecNode1 for example).
Thank you very much

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Hi Matias,
yes two contiguous surface elements are electrically connected by a surface conductivity (if turned on).
This should be is true whether they are on the same group, on the same ESN, or not.