[Archive] electrical circuit definition

Message by Henning Wulf:
I have a question regarding the definition of the electrical circuit and related surface groups:
Is it necessary to allocate at least one physical surface to the ElecNode-0 (S/C ground), or can also all physical surfaces be assigned to ElecNodes 1 and higher (in conjunction with the circuit.txt file, which defines the relation between node 0 and nodes >0) ?
From the documentation, I could not find any hint that one surface needs to be assigned to ElecNode-0, while I did find a statement to indicate that the ElecNode-0 will always exist, while the other nodes will only exist if a surface is assigned to it.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards

Message by S├ębastien Hess:
Hi Henning,
It is mandatory to associate a surface to every nodes and to define node in continuous increasing order.
It is true that node 0 always exists, but I have no idea of what would happen if no surface is associated to it (pb of capacitance)