[Archive] Editing material properties

Message by __Jerry Emhoff __:
How do you change material properties in SPIS? The materials editor only allows some basic parameters and flags to be set. The documentation for SPISNum says that the 19 NASCAP parameters are used, but I can’t find where that data is stored or how I can add to it for a new material.

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
From the UI, you can only change the Id of the material your group/surface is made of.
As of today the 19 NASCAP parameters themselves are hard-coded in Java in the numerical solvers (class spis.Top.Default.SpisDefaultMaterials) => you have to modify them there and recompile spis.jar in SpisNum directory (see Doc/DocSpisNum/HowTo/NUM integration in framework.html).
Better access to these properties should be offered later.