[Archive] Dirichlet Boundary Condition?

Message by Christian Hanberg:
Can anyone tell me how to implement Dirichlet Boundary conditions in SPIS 4.0.00?
When setting simulation parameters for the Poisson Equation one can choose the boundary condition type under the PoissonBCType, which is of integer type with default value 2. But the alternatives for different integers are not disclosed, instead one is told to look in the documentation.
The documentation only discloses information about the Class DirichletPoissonBC, which of course can’t be loaded into an interger field.
Can anyone tell me how I can resolve this isssue?

Message by Christian Hanberg:
To clarify i want to impose a Dirichlet condition on the external boundary surface.
Have now realised this as not done under PoissonBCType.
The SPIS wiki speaks about BdDiriFlag to obtain Dirichlet condition for Poisson equation on external boundary (1 = active, 0 (default) = not active)
Where can i set BdDiriFlag to 1 (activate it), is it done under Global Parameters or do I have to do it under the Group Editor for the external Surface?
As it is really hard to find documentation on this issue any help would be appreciated!

Message by Nuno Loureiro:
I have modelled environment electrons with a GlobalMaxwellBoltzmannDistribution with a density of 10^17. At the same time, I have introduced a Dirichlet condition at the domain boundary: -25V (which means that my GlobalMaxwellBoltzmannDistrib will take a value of 10^6 on this boundary).
After calculation, as expected, the electron density is 10^6 at the boundary and increases very fast to 10^17 towards the center of the domain. What I don’t understand is how the transition/rate between both densities is performed.
I would like to know if it is possible to change this rate so that I can have the higher density only closer to the center.

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
it is analytically performed on the whole domain.

Message by Tobias Rudolph: