[Archive] Date files

Message by luo xiaoming:
Hello,everyone,if anyone knows how to operate the data files in the following folder(the format of these files is .nc)?E:\SPIS\5.1.6\32\Sitellite-SPT100.spis5\DefaultStudy\Simulations\Run1\OutputFolder
thanks,luo xiaoming

Message by ruard:
The files stored in the OutputFolder are used in the data miner of SPIS to visualize the results of the simulation. If you want, you may convert them. y=f(x) type data
will be converted in .csv files. Surface data and volume data will be converted in .vtk files.
At see the button “Export” in “Data miner” section of user manual.
Kind regards,
Benjamin Jeanty-Ruard

Message by luo xiaoming:
Thank you very much! I will try the method.
luo xiaoming