[Archive] Daily life on the alpha synchroniser

Message by julien:
This thread is dedicated to the alpha development zone.

Message by julien:
Dear alpha SPIS-UI users,
A bug has been introduced in the project saving module after the ticket 7654 (development synchroniser).
This bug has been corrected and the project saving/loading module of the current development version of SPIS-UI (ticket 8290 on dev sync) is now fully operationnal. It has been tested under Mac OSX and Suse Linux with success.
In the current projet structure, the following data are saved as python scripts:

  • materiel properties
  • plasma definitions
  • Electrical properties
  • Groups
  • Global parameters
The following elements are still saved by python serialisation:
  • MeshFields and DataFields
The corresponding alpha synchronisers will be automatically updated tonight at midnight. Best regards, The SPIS core team.