[Archive] current density

Message by Hui Liu:
Why the current density in the my simulation results is very strange,and it is not normal distribution.

Message by Mehmet Balta:
Could you find the solution?
Because mine is also not normal. Distributed in whole the volume without any order.
Please let me know if you found the solution.

Message by luo xiaoming:
you can try the new version 5.1.0. you will get a better result ,but it is not a smooth curve when I plot over a line.

Message by Mehmet Balta:
I forgot to write here that I already found it out why. The problem was that the plasma potential and surface current looks okay but the current density results need smaller timesteps to converge. The current density(of Xe, Xe++, Xe+, CEX particles) gives reliable results only with very small timesteps like 1e-6secs.

Message by luo xiaoming:
Thank you very much,I will try it again by the method you provided.