[Archive] Characteristics question

Message by Balint Eles:
can you tell me what are the exact definitions for the following characteristics in the group editor?

  • ImposedEmittedCurrent
  • ImposedCollectedCurrent
  • Xyz and XyzS in the mesh properties
Thanks Balint Eles

Message by Amandine Champlain:
Dear Balint,

The local parameters called ImposedEmittedCurrent and ImposedCollectedCurrent allows you to imposed a current (emitted or collected) on the corresponding group in order to model collection/emission of particles on this group. A priori, it only impacts the balance of currents inside the spacecraft and not the plasma sheath structure around it.
The mesh properties Xyz and XyzS are points coordinate from the mesh of the geometry. There are automatically generated by SPIS and the user should not change it since its used in exchanges from UI to NUM.
I hope I have answered to your questions.

Amandine Champlain