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Message by abul anuar:
Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but since most of the guys involve in Cassandra also involve in SPIS, i hope it does not matter most.
Is it possible for the cassandra developer to have an option to save the filter setting in the program? Currently we can only save the image but not the filter setting we created. I know that we can do this by writing a (simple?) script in Python, but with very limited examples as well as unpublished command line especially for the plugin, i find it quite cumbersome to recreate the filter setting everytime i do a simulation. This would enable user to just load the filter design and change only the input dataset rather than have to redo it everytime.
i went through the cassandra source file and found that all the plugins are only available in .jar file. which means we can not identified what command (method) to used to change the filter parameter. Could you provide us with the source file for the plugins.

Message by julien:
Hi Abul,
This is not exactly the right forum for Cassandra (it is better to go here \http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra/forum, ask for a registration), but because a lot of SPIS’s users use Cassandra, I directly answer here.
You outline a old “organisation problem” around Cassandra. We are currently refactoring the whole Web site and a new version of Cassandra, with several improvments and a deep clean-up, will be done soon.
Regarding, specifically your question “save the filter setting” and/or the whole pipeline, I guess from a pipeline built in the graphical pipeline manager, this is unfortunately not possible for the moment. We are working on it, the need being coming progressivelly.
However, if you want to extend yourself Cassandra, the best is to develop a plug-in. A complete template for this is available here : \http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra/download/cassandra-2-2/data/template_zip.
And the whole source of Cassandra are available here \http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra/download/cassandra-2-2/data/cassandra-2-2-src.
As you outlined, it is also possible to develop Jython scripts and load them into the JyConsole using the right button click on the console and the contextual menu.
We are currently improving Cassandra with the hope the next version will fit better with you needs.
Last, I remind to all that SPIS export DataFields as standard vtkDataSet (saved into the project/vtk directory) than can be viewed by all viwers supporting this format (e.g Paraview, Ensight, Gmsh, OpenDX, Tecplot (TBC), MayaVi…).
Their is also an ASCII export function in SPIS (see Global Parameters / Outputs or in alternative in the DataFields Viewer). The generated format is very simple and can be read directly by a lot of external viewers.
Hope this helps,
JulienFor the Artenum’s Spis team.