[Archive] Cassandra VTK source code

Message by abul anuar:
Hi, where do i get the source code for cassandra? want to do some animation but the examples given are a bit here and there. Is there any other documentation on the cassandra other than the tutorial file? How do i know which class and methods that do this and that? Thanks, abul

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
You can find Cassandra project and source code here : \http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra

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Message by abul anuar:
Hi Benoit,
i’ve been there before and all have downloaded the cassandra 2.2 src. How do we know which method to call (write) to do something in the script (eg. to do time animation of the potential increase)? I gone through the examples (initAnimation and runAnimation), and the script while fairly understandable, is not very intuitive in terms of what is needed to be done to get the simulation to work., i.e which method to call , next step etc. Can you help?