[Archive] Cassandra question

Message by Gethyn Lewis:
Is it possible to have a grid from the .geo file in the cassandra plots? If so, how do I do it?

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Cassandra does not support geo files. However, it supports GMSH mesh files (i.e. .msh file in version 1 of the msh format). I’m not sure if the version of cassandra provided with SPIS contains the plugin, but the one on cassandra website does \http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra
Another solution that works in SPIS is to go in the GEOM menu (once your geo file is imported) and to choose “show GEO groups”. This way you should see your geometry and its associated groups.

Message by Gethyn Lewis:
Thanks for that. It’s done the trick.