[Archive] Can I do an analisys of ESD?

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Hi, I am seeing on the projects inside of SPIS root folder and there are some projects that have “ESDSynthetiqueCircuit.txt” inside NumKernel/Input folder. This file is a control of my dangerous potential? Where are the settings in global parameters for file? if there are! Best regards

Message by julien:
Dear Ignacio Rocca,
A specific extension of SPIS dedicated to ESD modelling is under development (SPIS-ESD). Because some numerical sub-routines and pre/processing modules are common with other general improvments they are already present in the common version of SPIS, but I don’t think that all needed elements are already reversed and/or fully validated yet. As a consequence, I do not recommend you to use the version 4.0 of SPIS to model ESD for operational mission support without extra care.
Please contact Jean-Charles Matéo-Vélez, from ONERA, for further information regrding this subject.
Julien Forest
For the Artenum’s crew.

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Dear Julien
It’s true, ESD is under development, but we could analize ESD risk take into acount surface charging or potential level between materials.
Can we use SPIS result to analize ESD risk?
best regard

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
SPIS calculates the differential potentials on your S/C. By now, it is the role of the engineer to estimate if there is an ESD risk.

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Dear Jean-Charles, thanks for reply the post, I know what I do as an engineer, but I you have a distrubition of potentials over the surface calculed, which is the impediment to use this potentials and the breakdown potentials (-500V depending the strucure) and electric fields (10e7 that lead punch-trough) potentials as the ESA standard says to estimate a risk? It is more difficult than that?My best regards