[Archive] Calculating forces on a body

Message by Rosario Lopez:
I am simulating an object situated inside the plume of a thruster. I would like to obtain the force that is exerted on the object. Is there any way to do so with SPIS, directly or indirectly (ion pressure maps or something similar)?
I would also like to track the ions that are backstreaming towards my S/C. In which way is this done? I have activated the sourceTrajFlag, but I am not clear on how this is visualized.
Thank you very much in advance,Rosario

Message by S├ębastien Hess:
Dear Rosario,
Using SPIS-DUST (now downloadable on the SPIS website) you can get the moments of the surface distributions if you set (or add) the Global parameter momentsMonitoringFlag=1. From density and velocity of the collected ions, you can get the force you want.