[Archive] CAD viewer/editor

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
When generating a new test.geo file in the CAD editor + editing it with the “Edit geometry file” + opening the test.geo file with Gmsh button

  • the CAD in the Geometry viewer does not evolve (only works when a file is loaded with Open an existing geometry")
  • Adding points/line/etc to the CAD through Gmsh does not update in the text file in the "edit geometry file" although it is done on the disk.

Message by ruard:
After the generation of the new test.geo file in CAD editor, you click on “Edit geometry file” button. Here you define your cad file in the new tab displayed. Then you click on the floppy disk button localized on the top left of the tab where you edited the test.geo contents to save this edition. After if you click on the Gmsh button, the Gmsh software starts and loads the test.geo file.
If you add points/lines/etc to the CAD through Gmsh, you have to close the tab where the test.geo file were edited in CAD editor and open it again. It should work.
Tell me if you have some others problems.