[Archive] batch mode question

Message by EW:
I am trying to run in batch mode with the command ./Spis.sh ./ProjectName.spis5. The simulation runs, but how do I extract the data? It does not seem to generate an “OutputFolder” folder with a “DataFieldExtracted” Folder.

Message by ruard:
You can run your simulation on linux in batch mode with the command line:
./Spis.sh -p /path/to/tour/spis/5/project
Benjamin, in direct live from the 14th SCTC :slight_smile:

Message by EW:
It seems to work when I input the command interactively, but when I try to run it in a script on a remote computer (Stampede TACC) it does not work. Any ideas?

Message by EW:
The solution from the previous thread (batch -X11) fixed it and it works now.