[Archive] Average velocity on nodes

Message by Emanuele Ruà:
Hello to everyone, I am a new user of SPIS.
I am trying to find a way to obtain the average components of the velocity of the ions generated by an Hall Thruster.
Do you know if there is a way to obtain the velocity of the superparticles averaged over the nodes in the output?
Is there another method to obtain the velocity of the particles evaluated over the nodes of the computatonal domain?

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Hello Emanuele,
From SPIS 5.2 you have to set momentsMonitoringFlag=1 in the global parameters. It will give you the average scalar velocity for all species.
Starting with SPIS 6.0.4 you can define a “Velocity monitor” as a new instrument in the simulation view to monitor a particular species.

Message by Emanuele Ruà:
Hello Sébastien,
Thank you for the answer!
I added the momentsMonitoringFlag as a global parameter in the output window and that worked, thanks!
However, I got two differents data fields:
the latter gives values that are coherent with the isp of the thruster while the first seems just noise but it is an order of magnitude greater than the expected velocity due to thermal motion. What is the first data field?
I tried to add a new instrument in the simulation step of the wizard, but I didn’t find any velocity monitor just a VD sensor. Do I have to create a new class of instrument?
Is there a way to obtain each component of the velocity over all the nodes of the computational domain?