[Archive] Aurora effect in LEO

Message by Pablo Promenzio:
I want to perform a simulation in Leo taking the aurora effect into account.
To simulate the aurora effect, which mainly occurs in eclipse mode because in sunlight the photo-electron current limits the charging, i have performed a simulation withni=ne=1e10
e= 400 e V i = 100 e V
time= 2000 sec.
The potentials obtained of the differents surfaces were about -9000 volts.
Then with those potentials i performed a new simulation taking those values into account and also reducing the energy of the electron population to simulate a kind of leo environment with low energy electron that the spacecraft go through when it came out from the aurora. i have used this parameters por the simulation:
e= 4 e V i = 100 e V
time=2000 sec.
The results showed that the potential of the differents surfaces go down 1 or 2 volts compared with the -9000v. So the potential values were -8997, -8995 volts.
So the question is… this values of potential are right?? i mean that when the spacecraft go out of from the aurora it will continue with almost the same potential that it has been charged in the aurora??
Best regards,
Pablo Promenzio