[Archive] Asymmetric result for a symmetric setup

Message by Burak Korkut:
Dear all,
We’re trying to simulate a simple satellite geometry using the default ‘globalParameters-5.1.0.xml’ file but only changing the sun orientation to be (1.0, 0, 0) so that it is perfectly aligned w th the X axis. Our geometry and mesh are essentially symmetric but once we look at the results, we see that there is noticeable asymmetric (see the below image).
Could you please comment on this? Is there something that we miss that results in asymmetric solution?

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Burak,
Looks pretty symmetric to me, although some structures may be due to a combination of some noise + coarse mesh?

Message by Burak Korkut:
Dear Sébastien,
I think there is still room for getting a more symmetric result (especially the body, i.e. the middle part), we will inspect if the mesh plays a role or if any noise is present.
We will report back if we see any improvement.