[Archive] Angled Photoemission

Message by Millan Diaz-Aguado:
Hi, I had a question about photoemission and how it is handled. What happens to a surface (in SPIS) that has light hitting it with an angle, let’s say 50deg. from normal? How much is the incident photon flux reduced by?

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
Hi, the photon flux is reduced by multiplying the normal flux by the cosinus of the angle to the normal.

Message by Millan Diaz-Aguado:
Hi Jean-Charles,
I might have test evidence that cosine of the angle is not correct in some cases and that its dependent on the material and surface treatment. Is it possible to include this on SPIS? I have the photocurrent at different angles of incidence (0-80 in 10 deg. increments). I just started to dig into the SPIS scripts myself. If you can point me to the right direction that would be appreciated.Thanks,

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Millan,
there is unfortunatelly no way of doing it in the currently released versions of SPIS, but we will think about it for a future release.
If you are willing to make the modification youslef in the source code, you will need to modify BasicPhotoEmInteractor.java so it can use a AxisymTabulatedVelocitySurfDistrib source distribution instead of the LocalMaxwellSurfDistrib.
Please remember that SPIS is an open-source project and that contribution to the code are welcomed.
Best Regards,