About 2D mesh splitting

Hello, I tried to construct a thin surface, when I open the “Show advanced settings” sub-panel at the bottom of the Group Editor panel and try to split the surface, but nothing happens. The thin surface is not duplicated. I have been puzzled for a long time. Is there anything in the manual that I haven’t noticed? But I have read all the information I can find, and I really don’t know why. I am using spis 6.1.0, windows.
Anyone can help me ? Thank you very much .


this feature has not been used for a long time and may be broken (we note this for future releases).
Did you tried the “by-hand” procedure given by spis 6.1.0 manual ( “SPIS-v6 numerical core user manual and detailed design” page 27)?

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Thank you Sébastien.
I had read the “by-hand” procedure given by spis 6.1.0 manual ,but I didn’t really understand this part, I think it’s not written in much detail.
Now I think it may be broken as you said. Thank you again.

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