[Archive] Volume Interaction

Message by abul anuar:
anyone has got any idea on how can we employ other Monte Carlo collision types such as excitation, and absorption? thanks, abul

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
there is only Charge exchange reaction by now in SPIS.

Message by abul anuar:
hi Jean,
i realised that we can use similar assumption as in the CEX (stationary slow ions) to find the probability of collission and could as well put another probability to find the collision type. I just wonder the response of the program i when we have for example absorption collission as the particle (electron) has to be removed from the particle list and the target particle need to be updated in terms of it charge number. My guess is the total current density will be deposited on each tetrahedron but i’m not sure what will happen to the colliding electron (in this example). how do we remove the electron and update the particle charge number?
Is anyone working on this problem? CAn you put this on the wish list as well?

Message by abul anuar:
sorry stationary slow ions should be neutral in CEX