[Archive] Simulation with initial potential LEO

Message by Pablo Promenzio:
I want to perform a simulation in LEO with initial potential. The idea is to know what happened when the spacecraft go through the auroral, (that is a little time, compared with the complete orbit) and then go out of it.The spacecraft will continue with the aurora potential or that potential go down when the spacecraft go far from de aurora?
I try to simulate this effect creating an scenario “PotentialSweep” and i put differents initial potential on each node, but the simulation last too long and doesn´t converge.
I also set up the plasma parameters as if there are cold electrons and ions and i put electriCircuitIntegrate=1.
I would appreciate if someone could help me to perform a simulation with initial potentials to know if the spacecraft surface will be discharged or will continue charging more!!
Best regards,
Pablo Promenzio