[Archive] Simulation stops working with no error

Message by Amin Ghiasi:
Dear All
As I run the simulation, SPIS stops running suddenly after some progress. For instance it stops running after 22 sec progress, 28 sec progress, 38 sec progress and so on. I want to have a 100 sec run. There is nothing unusual in log file. Any idea?
Thank you,

Message by Amin Ghiasi:
I managed to reach 100 sec using SpisScience.bat instead of SpisGeo.bat! However I was wondering what is the difference between them? Why there are more than one .bat files?

Message by Mehmet Balta:
This error might be caused by Java heap memory limitations or if you use Windows 32 bit OS, tasks are restricted to use 2Gb memory. The problem could be about reaching the maximum allowed memory.