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Message by Amenosis Lopez:
Hello there,
I am not an expert in SPIS source code as a developer, however I Need to add some additional schemes in order to match with my Research framework. First quest. , to recompile the application, do I Need also to recompile the dependencies of the program separately? (do you have some info about this?)
Also, (sorry for the quest) I currently work with Win7 Version of SPIS, since my (last) Computer with Linux died. Is it possible to implement new algorithms in the program through Win7 in principle?

Message by S├ębastien Hess:
you can recompute SPIS-NUM only, being carefull to use as libaries the exact same ones (same version) than those used for the packaged version you currently use (in principle, the source code of a given version is delivered with a maven pom.xml file that manage this).
Once compiled, just replace the spis-num jar in the lib directory of the packaged version (save the original one somewhere else in case something goes wrong) and your modified numerical kernel will run.
As it is a java program, it should work exactly the same whatever the OS (true only for modifications in the numerical kernel, not for UI).