[Archive] Note on SPIS computer system requirements

Message by julien:
In response to several request regarding computer system requirements to run SPIS please find the following up-to-date information.
The main components of SPIS are fully multi-platform. They have been successfully tested on Linux Suse/RedHat/Sarge, Windows 98/2000/XP, SUN Solaris 10 (ThirdPart components not provided in the SPIS releases) and Mac OSX Tiger (3D VTK based modules still experimental on this platform).
The full distribution, including all ThirdPart components and JVMs, can be directly run from a CD-ROM under Linux, Windows and Mac OS-X, without any installation.
All middle class Linux based work station is adapted to use SPIS on realistic cases. Please find below an example of standard hardware configuration:
Artenum’s Lucifer Workstation:

  • AMD 64bits 3.2GHz
  • From 2 to 4 GB RAM
  • 130 GB S-ATA HD raid 0&1
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB video card
  • R/W DVD double layer
  • Suse 10 Professional and Artenum's Scientific Pack
With 2GB of RAM, such type of workstation allows to model easily up to 1.6 million of tetrahedrons models. The minimum required HD space is 500Mb for a full SPIS distribution (including all ThirdPart components and JVMs). 100Gb HD for simulation data storage is recommended. NB: SPIS-NUM kernel is not parallelized, however SPIS-UI is fully multi-threaded and take benefices of multi-core/multi-processors workstations. More especially, most of pre and post-processing tasks become automatically parallelized in this case. We recommend this choice for large studies and or future multi-physics/multi-models applications. SPIS has been successfully tested on a quad Opteron Workstation under Linux Suse with 4 GB of RAM. NB 2: We recommend a good 3D video card for 3D visualization and processing. Feel free to contact us for further informations regarding hardware requirements, Best, Julien. The Artenum team for the SPINE community.