[Archive] Material parameters

Message by Göran Ödmark:
In SpisDefaultMaterials.java it is written that Properties 15-20 are just dummies. I’m guessing that it means they are not in use by SPIS, is this true?
Also I’m looking for some kind of database with material properties like these so I can add specific materials to SPIS. Do you know where I can find a database like this?
Why can’t I reply to other threads? I recently started a thread about these parameters, but could not reply to it. So I had to start a new thread.

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:

  • For conductors thickness is arbitrary
  • Properties 15--20 are just dummies.
it should be understood that properties 15-20 are dummies for conductors, but properties 17-19 (induced conductivity and density) are not dummies for dielectrics To reply to a post you must be logged (connection link at the top right of the page)

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Concerning the database: such data are very difficult to obtain and not common => nothing much better.
Some extra data yet wil lbe supplied following MCPIA activity reported during next SPINE meeting next week